I’m so glad I finally stopped by the new The Face Shop in town. I’ve always heard that Korean cosmetics / skin care products are great for your skin - after all, all of their actors and actresses have such flawless skin… actually, even normal non-celebrities have nice skin too.

I thought the store was even better because Kim Hyun Joong is literally the face of the shop - heaven forbid.

Anyways, I purchased the Velvet Skin Primer - apparently its really good for oily skin. You’re supposed to apply it on after moisturizing and before face make up; the primer is supposed to create a very smooth velvet-like surface for your make up, making your skin look and feel extra smooth. I also picked up the Smart Capsule CC Cream. Ok, either I’m a total make up n00b or this thing is flipping awesome — the cream pumps out white, but once you start smoothing it out on your skin, the color turns into your brightest tone. Basically, it adapts to your skin color (but the brightest one). How awesome is that?

Apart from the main purchases, the girl working there gave us a ton of samples to play with (which is like everything in the second picture up there). I’ll be occupied with all of these samples for a while… Haha. Everyone should stop by, it’s so cute and the people that work there are so nice. I would hate to see this place go out of business just because not enough people know about it.